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Eat chocolate and lose weight

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The articles on this site are part of the Serge Kreutz Diet article collection. Access to this collection requires a membership. The price of this membership is 200 US dollar. Included is not only access to more than 20 articles, but also unlimited consultation by email on how to achieve ideal weight with the Serge Kreutz nutrititional concept.

This is what I guarantee: within 1 year of using the Serge Kreutz Diet, you will either achieve ideal weight, or lose 50 kilogram of unwanted body weight.

Ideal weight is your height in centimeter, minus 100, minus 10 percent.

So, if your current weight is 120 kg, and your height is 178 cm, then, in order to be ideal weight, the weight that I promise you is: 178 minus 100 = 78, minus 7.8 = 70.2 kilo.

I guarantee that if you follow the Serge Kreutz Diet, you will lose 49.8 kg.

I will not promise you a weight loss of more than 50 kg, not because the Serge Kreutz Diet could not achieve this, but because it would in many cases not be healthy to lose that much weight.

So, the deal is: if you are less than 50 kg heavier than ideal weight, you achieve ideal weight in 1 year. And if you are more than 50 kg overweight, you will lose 50 kg. I myself reduced my weight by 70 kg.

If you do not achieve such a weight reduction, I refund your membership fee. Your membership can be paid by Paypal, Western Union, or credit card.

Please email me for details.

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