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Peace and disorder

By Serge Kreutz (2010)

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Most people who are against restrictions for non-violent sexual conduct tend to be against strong governments. This is based on their assumption that the stronger a government, the more likely it is to interfere with sexual liberty.

However, we must not forget that a strong government does not per se restrict sexual freedom. It simply depends on whether the strong government is committed to implement for a country’s population optimal personal freedom, including sexual freedom, or whether a strong government is reactionary in this context.

However, weak government will in the long run rather promote a sexual restrictive lifestyle for a country’s population, even if no laws on sexual conduct are imposed.

The reason is that in any society that is governed by a weak government, violent individuals and groups will likely rise in influence. Therefore, the human environment will become more and more dangerous.

However, social danger tends to force people into protective capsules, such as families. Especially women will, in a generally dangerous society, emphasize monogamous relationships.

On the other hand, the safer a society, the less pressure is on the individual to form strong unions. Thus, societies with a high degree of general safety have an intrinsic quality which favors sexual freedom.

Obviously, the strong government ought to be formed by progressive forces, committed to allow the members of a society optimal personal, and optimal sexual freedom.

A weak government would be preferable over a strong government by religious reactionaries, as they would use a government’s strength to impose anti-sexual rules. (le*n)

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