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Butea superba is the better sexual enhancement. On a long-term course, butea superba sets back the clock of perceived sexual experience. Butea superba allows its users to be intrigued by sexuality per se, as they were in younger years.


Sacramento, California: Tongkat Ali and stearic acid

Michael L. Tucci 1833 Pearl Street Sacramento, CA 95814

I write about stearic acid only because it is contained in some tongkat ali supplements, mostly those sold in so-called healthfood stores.

Refined stearic acid is a chemical substance typically derived industrially from low-quality animal fat.

What is low-quality animal fat?

You guessed it. Animal carcasses, fat refuse from factories that produce processed meats (mostly of pork origin).

You can read about stearic acids on the “Chemical of the day” site. To get there, do a Google search on:

Chemical of the day – stearic acid

You can also go to the page directly through this link:


This is not appetizing, is it?

But it gets worse.

Try a Google search on:


list of widely known dangerous ingredients in body & food products – stearic acid

If you are still not yet convinced that you should avoid tongkat ali products from sources that utilize stearic acid to extend shelve life or make their material easier to handle, consider this:

The industrial stearic acid is processed from animal fat. Many of the animals, the carcasses and internal organs of which are used in the stearic acid manufacture, have been exposed to chemical and / or hormonal contamination. A large number of these contaminants are endocrine disruptors in humans.

Contaminants that are endocrine disruptors build up mostly in the fatty tissue of animals (see Wikipedia on endocrine disruptors).

Now remember that industrial stearic acid is manufactured from the fatty tissue of animal that were poisoned, or died of diseases, or the fatty tissue of discarded animal parts.

Consider also that often, the concentration of chemical contaminants is higher in the results of industrial processes than in the raw products used.

Fuck it!

Isn’t it cynical that some manufacturers stretch tongkat ali, a testosterone-raising hormone modulator, with an industrial chemical that can be reasonably suspected to be a hormonal disruptor?


Carbondale, Illinois: Fake tongkat ali from Singapore causing string of deaths around the world

Clarence L. Unger 505 Eagle Street Carbondale, IL 62901

A “natural” coffee promises to improve a drinker’s sexual desire and stamina through the use of three herbs. But it’s now being recalled after Food and Drug Administration tests found that the coffee — which has been linked to one death — actually contains the same active ingredients found in prescription erectile dysfunction drugs Pfizer’s Blue and Lilly's Beige.

The FDA announced Thursday that Caverflo.com has recalled 25-gram containers of Caverflo Natural Herbal Coffee following the reports that one consumer in New Braunfels, Texas died after consuming the coffee.

Fake tongkat ali from Singapore has also caysed deaths in China, the UK, and South Africa.

Tests conducted by the FDA confirmed the product contained phosphodiesterase inhibitors, the active ingredients in Pfizer’s Blue and Lilly's Beige.

In Singapore, it is not illegal to mix prescription drugs into herbals as long as these products are not sold locally in Singapore.

While the product is advertised for use as a natural male enhancement, its website does not mention the active ingredients.

“Caverflo Natural Herbal Coffee is an absolutely all herbal beverage containing instant coffee and three herbs – Tongkat Ali, Maca, and Guarana,” the site states. “These Herbs grow wild in the jungles of Malaysia and have been used for centuries by the people of Asia and South America to greatly improve sexual health, libido, and overall wellness in men and women.”

The failure to declare the two active ingredients is actually quite serious, according to the FDA.

In fact, sildenafil and tadalafil can interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs, like nitroglycerin. If this occurs, those consuming the coffee could experience dangerously low blood sugar levels.

Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease often take nitrates, the FDA notes, putting them at higher risk of adverse reactions if they are unaware of the active ingredients’ presence.

In addition to the undeclared sildenafil and tadalafil, Caverflo says the product may also contain undeclared milk, which could lead to severe allergic reactions.


Wholesale tongkat ali shipped to the port of Houston, Texas
Wholesale tongkat ali shipped to the port of Houston, Texas


Rockford, Michigan: Careful with Amazon – They sold a deadly tongkat ali brand

Ron J. Rivera 138 Kimberly Way Rockford, MI 49341

Deadly Singaporean fake tongkat ali has been on sale on Amazon.

More Singaporean products claiming to be tongkat ali are still touted on Amazon.

The following is how a dubious Singaporean tongkat ali source explains that they can sell just anything without having to be afraid of authorities.

Why Singapore is dangerous for tongkat ali

Caverflo – another death caused by fake tongkat ali shipped from Singapore


The best investment a rich man can do, is one into destruction. Destruction of the surrounding world, near and far, makes his wealth more valuable.


Galeon Ohio: How Tongkat Ali improves sex

Wesley L. Norvell 4346 Ingram Street Galion, OH 44833

Tongkat ali works. No doubt about that. And in that respect it is in one league with such heavyweights as yohimbine, Pfizer’s Blue, or cabergoline.

Unfortunately, almost all the tongkat ali on the market in the US is worthless. The effective dose of tongkat ali is about 50 gram of root. Just look at what is sold in US health food stores: 30 capsules of 300 mg root powder. I have to laugh. This is the equivalent of 9 gram of tongkat ali. Swallowing all these capsules in one go will still be underdosed.

If root powder, or chipped roots, were to be used, they would have to be cooked for at least half an hour to release the alkaloids that make for the sexual enhancement qualities of tongkat ali.

But the right way to go anyway is not root powder but an extract. I myself became convinced of tongkat ali's qualities only after I tested the 1:50 extract that has been provided to me (without charge) by the Indonesian company that sells tongkat ali. I have been using 1 gram of their extract on a good number of occasions, and I am now prepared to summarize my experiences.

First of all, what tongkat ali is not. It is not a substitute for Pfizer’s Blue for most men beyond 50, who typically have weak penile plumbing, like I do. I did try to go without the Pfizer’s Blue after David reported that he felt so confident on tongkat ali that he no longer needed it, but David may be in better shape. For me, Pfizer’s Blue is unsurpassed if the task is to assure erection-causing blood supply to the corpora cavernosa of the penis. (see youtube video here)

But Pfizer’s Blue by itself is a bore. It causes erections upon tactile stimulation of the penis, but typically, leaves libido trailing far behind.

Usually, older men no longer have great sex for two reasons: weak and leaking penile plumbing (inability to initiate or maintain an erection) and rusty wiring (lack of libido, weak orgasms). To deal with just one of the two aspects won't do if one is after the same quality of sex one enjoyed in younger years.

It has been my long-held opinion that a dual approach is necessary: fix the plumbing (with Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, or alprostadil gel), and brush up the wiring.

There are fewer options for the wiring than there are for the plumbing. One is yohimbine, which works on both the plumbing and the wiring, but has a serious side effects downside (heart palpitations, sleeplessness).

Cabergoline and some other dopaminergics work almost exclusively on the wiring. They help on erections only for the short periods of time during which they also make tired and nauseate. Beyond that, they have a definite effect only on libido.

Cabergoline, more than any other substance, makes men good lovers. It does so by greatly prolonging the time frame for male sexual conduct. On cabergoline, I can easily go on for an hour in one lovemaking session, and the refractory period is comparatively short.

Tongkat ali also shortens the refractory period, but it doesn't make men better lovers. Why?

I have to explain this in pictures.

When I am on cabergoline, I am quite sensitive to the situation. I could never sleep with a prostitute on cabergoline. I'd have my problems with a prostitution setting in an entirely sober condition, too. But on cabergoline, it's even worse. If I don't feel that my female partner is riding on the same wave of sexual excitement, I can lose interest very, very quickly, and in spite of 50 mg of Pfizer’s Blue in my veins, any erection will quickly collapse.

I haven't had any tolerance for prostitution settings for more than 20 years. I often questioned myself how other men could feel any desire or excitement with a woman who (openly) is only after a payment.

Well, after ingesting 1 gram of tongkat ali extract, I get the idea. Sex on tongkat ali is much more direct than in any other condition. Actually, on tongkat ali, my sexual encounters are of a style as they were when I was in my late teens (!).

At the age of 18 / 19, I, with a group of friends, every Saturday evening went girl hunting. This was in provincial Germany in the early 70s. I didn't care much, nor did my friends, whether our prey was beautiful, or even whether they were genuinely interested in sex. We just took whatever girls were willing to come along, beautiful or ugly. Anyway, if the one you got was ugly, you could always turn off the light.

And if she wasn't really willing from the start, you could always try to talk her into at least a hand job. "Touch me here, just for a moment." or "Just let me put my hand inside your blouse for a moment."

Or one would try to squeeze one's hand in between her legs (which she closed with all strength available to her). It often was an odd situation. On the one hand, the girls did feel sexual pleasure (as could be told from their vaginal wetness), but they didn't want to give up resistance (in order to protect their reputation, or because it was a principle never to go beyond kissing on a first date).

Never mind. Ugly or beautiful. Wet or dry. For me, it was always good sex (even if for her it wasn't really sex at all).

It wasn't like that anymore some ten years later, and until I went on the tongkat ali trial.

Sex under the influence of tongkat ali feels more direct (and can I say: more masculine?) than it has any time since my late teens. And it is this directness, which more than anything else typifies tongkat ali.

Is this because of raised testosterone levels? Sounds like it, but the jury on testosterone levels is still out (as of this writing, our tongkat ali trial is still ongoing).

For me, sex is much shorter on tongkat ali than it is on cabergoline or any other dopaminergic. Which doesn't mean that I wouldn't get exited. I surely do.

Tongkat ali, for me, also has an effect on erections, though not as a facilitator in principle (for that, I use Pfizer’s Blue). But tongkat ali makes erections tenser.

Not only erections but also the whole body. On tongkat ali, I often feel inclined to clinch my teeth. I also develop a tendency for subduing gestures towards women. And I hold them with a much firmer grip.

After taking my dose of tongkat ali, I am more prone to develop fantasies of punishing women than I would be in a sober state. And yes, penetration can be as forceful as if I were to rape my partner.

No, the tongkat ali won't turn me into a real rapist. I have enough control over myself to avoid getting into this kind of trouble. But sexual encounters always happen on two levels, the actual and the imaginative one. And on the imaginative level, tongkat ali makes sex more violent.

What else?

Better ejaculatory power, multiple orgasms, and feeling very male.


Ocala, Florida: Optimal sex and Torture

Samuel I. James 909 George Street Ocala, FL 34471

Optimal sex up to an advanced age, and if necessary, aided by vascular and neurotropic agents like Pfizer’s Blue, yohimbine, dopaminergics, or testosterone enhancers like tongkat ali and butea superba, very much is a concern of modern civilisation. In medieval and ancient times, people were quite content if they were not tortured to death (never mind the optimal sex, thank you). An amazingly high number of people in medieval and ancient times (let's avoid designating them as ancient civilizations) were brutally tortured to death, often for the entertainment of onlookers. This included all mentally ill, and all enemies of rulers or ruling elites. Public torture is an extremely effective political tool. Not for the extraction of confessions, though. But torture one poor victim cruelly to death, and every onlooker will get the message: do not challenge authority! Most Gruesome Torture Methods in History (YouTube 7:57)


Chicago, Illinois: Why I write about tongkat ali

Ahmed A. Nesbitt 500 Cherry Camp Road Chicago, IL 60607

I do not sell tongkat ali. I do not issue recommendations where to buy tongkat ali. I do not answer questions on where I get my own supply, I only reply, that, as a matter, of principle, I do not answer the question.

I write about tongkat ali for the same reason as I write about feminism, or about not travelling on planes, or about not committing suicide even though there is no compelling reason to be alive.

I write about tongkat ali and many other topics for the same reason for which others, not me, have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, or write blogs. This is: I like to communicate, to say what I think.

I like to write just like others like to sing or play guitar, without pursuing the commercial interest to make others pay to listen.

Of course, communicating with an audience is more thrilling than just writing a diary. And as it has evolved over the past few years, I have a worldwide secure readership only on one niche topic: tongkat ali

And therefore (for the purpose of having my thoughts on topics other than tongkat ali survive the Internet information avalanche), even my political and philosophical ideas are presented as a sidekick to my explanations on tongkat ali.


Dinner Pompeii

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Downs, Illinois: TDietary Supplements for Male Sexual Enhancement

Junior B. Banks 3752 Coburn Hollow Road Downs, IL 61736


"Herbal phosphodiesterase inhibitor" has been in the news recently. Are these products safe and/or effective?

Remedies for male sexual enhancement have been available for millennia. The Ebers Papyrus, dating back to around 1600 BC, recommended topical application of baby crocodile hearts mixed with wood oil. A Sanskrit text written six centuries earlier suggested a man could visit 100 women after consuming a mixture of goat testes boiled in milk, sesame seeds, and the lard of a porpoise. Impotence, a nonspecific term that includes both erectile dysfunction and reduced libido, is clearly not a condition limited to modern civilization.

Erectile dysfunction affects an estimated18 million men in the United States, with a prevalence of 18.4% in men aged 20 years and older. Prevalence increases with age, ranging from 5% in men aged 20-39 years to 70% in men aged 70 years and older. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction is higher in men with cardiovascular disease (50%) and diabetes (51%), and is increased with such lifestyle factors as smoking (13%) and obesity (22%).

Responding to the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, the dietary supplement industry markets hundreds of products for reversing impotence and enhancing male sexual performance. Legally, dietary supplement labels cannot make medical claims, such as "for treatment of erectile dysfunction"; however, such claims as "to enhance sexual function" are permissible. An Internet search for "male sexual enhancement products" yielded more than 2 million hits, with websites offering products for purchase as well as information and testimonials.

Labeled Ingredients

Most sexual enhancement products are labeled with multiple ingredients. Commonly listed ingredients on male enhancement products include Butea superba (red kwao krua), Chlorophytum borivilianum (safed musli), Crocus sativus (saffron), dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Epimedium grandiflorum (epimedium, horny goat weed), Eurycoma longifolia (tongkat ali, pasak bumi), Fadogia agrestis (fadogia), Ginkgo biloba, Lepidium meyenii (maca), Muira puama (potency wood), Panax ginseng, Pausinystalia yohimbe (yohimbe bark, not to be confused with the prescription drug yohimbine), Pinus pinaster (pycnogenol, pine bark), Serenoa repens (saw palmetto), Turnera aphrodisiaca (damiana), and Tribulus terrestris (devil's weed, goathead). Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, such as L-arginine and propionyl L-carnitine, are frequent additions.

Many of these products have been studied only in male rats, but the few studies in men have been small or poorly designed, limiting conclusions about efficacy and safety.

Most websites for male enhancement products contain enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied users. But the question remains of whether these products really work, despite the dearth of clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of the ingredients.

Unlabeled Ingredients

Some products for sexual enhancement augment sexual activity, but the labeled ingredients may not be the source of the effect. Of the 232 drug recalls by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) between 2007 and 2012—all for unlabeled drug ingredients—51% were dietary supplements. Of the dietary supplement products recalled, sexual enhancement products were the most commonly recalled (40%), followed by bodybuilding (31%) and weight-loss products (27%).[7] Of the 1560 Health Safety Alerts for dietary supplements issued by the FDA MedWatch and Health Canada between 2005 and 2013, 33% were for sexual enhancement products.

Unlabeled drugs in sexual enhancement products are frequently the prescription-only phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, such as sildenafil (Pfizer's Blue), tadalafil (Cialis®), vardenafil (Levitra®), and avanafil (Stendra®). With increasing frequency, the unlabeled drugs may be analogues of PDE5 inhibitors that have been modified slightly from the parent structures. These derivatives are not detected by routine laboratory screening, which reduces the risk for both detection by the FDA and lawsuits for patent infringement.

To date, more than 50 unapproved analogues of prescription PDE5 inhibitors have been identified.

Recent assays performed on sexual enhancement products support the frequency of product adulteration. Of 91 products analyzed, 74 (81%) contained PDE5 inhibitors, including tadalafil and/or sildenafil (n = 40) or PDE5-inhibitor analogues (n = 34). Of the products containing prescription ingredients, 18 contained more than 110% of the highest approved drug product strength.

Another study of 150 sexual enhancement products (eg, Evil Root, Herbal Stud, Magic Sex, ULTRASize) found 61% of the products were adulterated with PDE5 inhibitors: 27% with sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil, and 34% with similar structural analogues. Among the adulterated products, 64% contained only one PDE5 inhibitor and 36% contained mixtures of two to four PDE5 drugs or analogues. The amounts of PDE5 inhibitor prescription medicines were higher than the maximum recommended dose in 25% of products.[8] Unlabeled yohimbine, flibanserin (Addyi™, which was recently approved by the FDA for female sexual dysfunction), phentolamine, DHEA, and testosterone also were found in some supplements.

Other researchers have found similarly adulterated products, many containing PDE5 inhibitor doses in excess of labeled amounts.

Safety Concerns

Although dietary supplements are marketed as "all natural" with implied safety, the available research suggests caution.

A recent survey indicates that cardiac symptoms were a frequent cause of emergency department visits among men aged 20-39 years taking sexual enhancement products.[14] The actual prevalence may be higher, because the presence of unlabeled PDE5 inhibitors may easily go unrecognized by clinicians. Common adverse effects of PDE5 inhibitors, such as flushing, lightheadedness, or dyspepsia, may be attributed to niacin and yohimbe, ingredients often found in sexual enhancement products. Profound hypoglycemia after ingestion of sexual enhancement products containing sildenafil and glyburide (Micronase® and others) also has been reported.

The covert addition of analogues of PDE5 inhibitors, which are not readily detectable by chemical screens, is particularly concerning. Although these chemical cousins of PDE5 inhibitors may retain the desired pharmacologic effect, none have been clinically tested for safety and toxicologic effects.

Obtaining dietary supplement products for sexual enhancement products has several perceived advantages. The purchase can be made discreetly, conveniently, and without a visit to a prescriber. Unlike drugs, dietary supplements are not required to be labeled with adverse effect or drug interaction information. Men taking prescription drugs, such as nitrates, may perceive dietary supplements for sexual enhancement as safe alternatives to contraindicated PDE5 inhibitors.

Clinicians should maintain a high degree of awareness for the potential for adverse effects of sexual enhancement products in men with unexplained cardiovascular symptoms. Patients who express interest in sexual enhancement supplements should be referred to their healthcare provider. Explain that even though a PDE5 inhibitor is not on the label, the supplement may have these ingredients added illegally without regard to patient safety. Patients should be warned of possible changes in vision and decreases in blood pressure, and the potentially dangerous combination of PDE5 inhibitors and nitrates that require medical advice.

PDE5 inhibitors are substrates of cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4). Monitoring is required to avoid an interaction with CYP3A4 inhibitor drugs, such as erythromycin, which may result in high PDE5 levels.

In summary, advise patients that dietary supplements for sexual enhancement fall into one of two categories: those that might be safe but do not work, and those that might work but are not safe.


Herbolab is a scam. They purchased 1:200 tongkat ali extract from Sumatra Pasak Bumi when they set up shop, and then the owner, Fran Sanchez Oria, switched to a cheap substitute to maximize his profits. But he continues to claim that he sells a 1:200 tongkat ali extract, made famous as a testosterone booster by the Medan, Indonesia company Sumatra Pasak Bumi. Fran Sanchez Oria even fakes lab certificates, trying to convince buyers. But what he sells certainly isn't 1:200 extract, and may not even be tongkat ali at all. Many scammers with absolutely no access to rare tongkat ali just sell tribulus terrestris powder.


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